Roland TD-25KVS Electronic V-Drum Kit
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With their unrivaled sound quality, playability, and expressiveness, Roland’s top-of-the-line TD-30 V-Drums are the number one choice of pro players around the world. Now, with the introduction of the new TD-25KV and TD-25K V-Drums sets, drummers can access the acclaimed benefits of high-end V-Drums at a more affordable price point. Featuring the newly developed TD-25 Sound Module, a full compliment of mesh-head pads, and easy sound customization, the TD-25KV and TD-25K are perfect for serious players who want to take their electronic percussion to the next level.

Rich, Organic Drum Sounds

The key to the great sound of the TD-25KV and TD-25K V-Drums kits is the all-new TD-25 Sound Module, which includes SuperNATURAL technology with Behavior Modeling directly inherited from the flagship TD-30. The TD-25’s sounds respond naturally and organically to your touch, providing the dynamic, interactive feel that pro-level players demand from their instruments. Every subtle nuance is smooth, detailed, and accurate, from rim shots, rolls, flams, and ghost notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbal swells.

Built-In Features for Jamming and Practice

The TD-25 module includes many great features for music practice and overall drumming fun. You can play along with WAV and MP3 music tracks stored on USB memory, and it’s even possible to slow songs down or loop specific areas to learn tricky parts. If you don’t want to mess with USB memory, you can simply plug your smartphone or music player into the audio input and drum with songs from your music library or the web.

*Kick pedal, hi-hat stand and drum throne are not included.


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Roland TD-25KVS Electronic V-Drum Kit

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