Andrew McMullen



After graduating with honours from the Humber College Performance Music program in 1996, Andrew began studies with renown educator, Jim Blackley, all the while, honing his drumming skills in many live venues across Canada.

  Early on, Andrew had a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Each of his students receives a personalized curriculum aimed at getting young drummers playing and learning songs within a short period of time.

  Andrew uses the limitless catalogue of popular music to guide his curriculum. Starting with the basics, students learn how to pick out drum beats from their favorite songs while developing their timekeeping skills by playing along. Each student learns basic drum notation and is encouraged to experiment with the rhythms learned from their favorite albums to begin developing their own sound.

  Looking to all the great drummers for inspiration and direction, Andrew presents students with an overview of classic and 'must know' drum beats. This gives young drummers an enjoyable and solidly rooted approach to learning the drums, while developing a rhythmic vocabulary to enable them to start jamming and forming bands with friends.