Big Fat Snare Drum Snare-Bourine 16"

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Engineered to effortlessly transform any snare drum into your very own vintage, beefy, thumpy 70’s-inspired BIG FAT SNARE DRUM. The tambourine jingles that are attached to the ring create a fantastic addition to the snare hit.

• Get that beefy '70s snare drum sound instantly
• Adds that tambourine jingle for a great effect
• Simplifies miking in the studio and onstage
• Makes a 4" deep piccollo sound like an 8" deep
    snare drum
• Eliminates the use of tapes and gels
• Installs in seconds, includes a finger cutout for
    quick removal
• Enhances the snare sound
• Lowers the overall pitch of the drum
• Eliminates unwanted overtones and ringing
• Weighted rubber rim gasket for stability and tone


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