Tama 14" x 6.5" Limited Mastercraft Rosewood Snare Drum 50th Anniversary Reissue


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Brand: TAMA

Brand: TAMA

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In the 1980s, TAMA's Mastercraft Rosewood snare drum was the first and only drum of its kind. As a hard and dense material, Rosewood is commonly used as guitar fretboards, and at the time was only found on drums as a single outer-ply veneer. Full Rosewood drums are extremely difficult to produce, but their pure sound and dark tone makes them extremely popular among drummers looking for a new sound. Not long after the original release of the Mastercraft Rosewood snare drum, the TAMA brand became synonymous with Rosewood.
This 50th Anniversary Limited Edition model faithfully reproduces the sound of the past. Familiar to those who were there at the beginning, and an exciting new discovery to those who weren't.

Model No.: RW-256
Shell: 7.5mm, 15ply Indian Rosewood
Size: 14"x6.5"
Lug: Original Superstar Lug (6371N)
Hoop: Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole)
Strainer/Butt: Roller Action (6302N/6303N/6338N)
Snare Wire: 18-strand Carbon Steel Long Snare Wires (6035N)
Inside Muffler: One-Touch Tone Control (6552N)
Head: REMO® Ambassador Coated TAMA 50th Anniversary version 

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